Welcome to ALL OUT RAMPAGE!!

I'm sure you thought you could just come in here and break stuff with no RULES and leave well boy are you wrong!
Here are some RULES to keep you safe, your loved ones safe and get you out of here without being wheeled out or carried out on a stretcher.

1. Anyone entering ALL OUT RAMPAGE must either be over the age of 18 or aged 13+ with a parent/guardian present during the session.

2. Waivers must be signed online before entering ALL OUT RAMPAGE.

3. Closed toed shoes are Required! Absolutely NO sandals, flip flops, Post Malone crocs, flats, red bottom heels etc. Face mask, Coveralls and Gloves will also be issued before you are allowed to Rage.

4. All weapons used to rage will be provided by the facility. You may bring in your own smashables but not your own weapons.

5. If you’re bringing your own smashables they will need to be reviewed by our staff first. Some items such as halogen bulbs, air conditioners, batteries and CRT TVs for example are NOT allowed. If you are bringing your ex boyfriend Xbox or Playstation to smash that is totally allowed.

6. If you are wanting to take photos or record videos or even go live that is acceptable as long as you drop ALL OUT RAMPAGE in the title and give us a shout out and don’t forget to hashtag us at #ALLOUTRAMPAGE

7. If you or others in your party appear to be intoxicated or high you will not be allowed to rage but you can watch from afar or in the car.

8. With all that being said have fun be safe and RAGE!!