Your Partner in Crime
When It Comes to Destructive Fun

At All Out Rampage LLC, we offer a solution to help stressed-out people release their negative emotions through thrilling yet therapeutic destruction. Our customers can break things to lighten their moods in a secured environment without getting arrested for smashing someone else’s property. We are the first establishment to offer this unique rage room experience in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Mission Statement

All Out Rampage LLC aims to help our customers relieve their stress in a fun and destructive way. Our goal is to provide a safe space where they can be free to take out their frustrations on materials and equipment instead of people.

Reach Out to Us Today

For additional information about our company and our rage rooms, get in touch with us today. We will gladly respond to your inquiries about us and our services.

About Our Founder

Being born and raised in Gautier, Mississippi, Roy Green had a knack for entertaining any person he meets and a love for making people happy. He had always been an outgoing individual inside and outside his school. As a natural social butterfly, he excelled at making many friends throughout his life.

All Out Rampage LLC

Becoming a Family Man

After Roy and his wife had their beautiful baby girl, she instantly became the sunshine in his life. He was then inspired to do more with his time for his daughter, his family, and himself.

His Work Background

In 2009, Roy moved to Florida where he eventually got a job at Walt Disney World, which was the best experience he ever had. He met his partner while working there.

Roy then relocated to Iowa in 2013 at the insistence of his wife. He went on different jobs here and there before finding work as a route driver, which he actually loved. This occupation allowed him to get paid every week while leaving his weekends free.

The Journey to Establishing Our Company

When Roy got laid off from his job, he figured he had three options: he finds another rank-and-file job, he goes back to school to upskill, or he takes the chance to do something greater with his life. He ultimately decides to take a shot at starting a business and working for himself by using his severance pay to establish All Out Rampage LLC.